30 timeless rhymes on an orange DVD.

List Edit

  1. Hokeypokey (Day at Camp/School Days)
  2. Hush Little Baby (Lullaby and Goodnight)
  3. Jack and Jill (TOddler Tunes)
  4. Little Jack Horner
  5. Miss Muffett
  6. Itsy Bitsy Spider (Day with the Animals)
  7. The Hart Loves the Wildwood
  8. A Difficult Rhyme for Norager
  9. 1 He Loves
  10. Humpty Dumpty
  11. Diddle Diddle Dumpling
  12. Peter Peter
  13. Hickory Dickory
  14. Old woman in a Shoe
  15. Man in the Moon
  16. Old King Cole
  17. Mother Hubbard
  18. Song of Sixpence
  19. Little Boy Blue
  20. Billy Boy
  21. Twinkle twinkle (Day at Old McDonald)
  22. Grand Ol' Duke/Hunting Medley
  23. Hey Diddle Diddle
  24. 3 Blind Mice
  25. Old Mother Goose
  26. Simple Simon
  27. Cackle Mother Goose
  28. The 3 Pigs

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